Giacomo is from Ischia an island in the bay of Naples, Giacomo came to Chester on a Christmas holiday from London and fell in love with the city.  Lived in London at the Hampstead pizzeria Giacomo won an award for the best pizza in London 2015, which was also voted one of the best pizzerias in the world; The times described Giacomo’s pizza as “divinely light and airy”. In 2017 sailed to victory in the London pizza festival.

Giacomo quotes “Pizza was born in Naples as street-food, this is why we choose Chester market”.

Neapolian Pizza – our dough has a long fermentation which makes the pizza very light. All our ingredients are selected between the best Italian and local products.

We offer good compromise between quality and price, we offer a good product that you cant find in Chester and maybe that you have never tasted before.

We have the ability to source products for customers on what they want and we source locally.

We will offer a delivery service via Deliveroo from 11am until 4pm.

We welcome all customers – enjoy a pizza with a beer.